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          2019-09-10 11:10:53| 重庆中公教育

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          1. _______ their work will give us a much better feel for the wide differences between the two schools of thought.

          A. To have reviewed B. Having reviewed

          C. Reviewing D. Being reviewed

          2. All ______ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.

          A. what is needed B. the time needed C. for our needs D. that is needed

          3. The president promised to keep all the board members ______ of how the negotiations were going on.

          A. informed B. inform C. be informed D. informing

          4. It is important that the hotel receptionist ______ that guests are registered correctly.

          A. has made sure B. made sure C. must make sure D. make sure

          5. The shop assistant was dismissed as she was ______ of cheating customers.

          A. accused B. charged C. scolded D. cursed

          6. The rest of the day was entirely at his ______ for reading or recreation.

          A. dismissal B. survival C. disposal D. arrival

          7. ______ the enormous flow of food from the entire globe, these countries have for many years not felt any population pressure.

          A. Thanks to B. By means of

          C. In line with D. With regard to

          8. Urban crowdedness would be greatly relieved if only the ______ charged on public transport were more reasonable.

          A. fees B. fares C. payments D. costs

          9. The machine _______ all of the problems on the production line will be replaced next week.

          A. causing B. causes C. caused D. was causing

          10. If the location had been closer to my company, I _______ buying the property.

          A. am considering B. will be considering

          C. would have considered D. could consider

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