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          2019-06-13 14:45:49| 重慶中公教育

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          Passage 3

          Questions 7- 9 refer to the following news.

          Pet Dislikes of Urban Life

          According to a survey conducted by the city of Boston, traffic, pollution and noise were found to be the least ---7--- aspects of living in the city.

          The ---8---, administered as part of the city’s local action plan, asked the citizen of Boston about their likes and dislikes of their surroundings.

          The results of the survey communicated proximity (27.02 percent) and community character/village feel (11.54 percent ) to be at the top of the list of things most liked about city life.

          The respondents felt the protection or enhancement of heritage (16.1 percent) and open space ( 15.59 percent) were the two things they most desired the city to have.

          On the other hand, traffic (10.22 percent), general noise ( 9.98 percent) , and parking ( 7.52 percent ) within the main core of the city were the ---9--- attractive parts of living in the city.

          7. A. desirable

          B. erectable

          C. seasonable

          D. permissible

          8. A. lecture

          B. conference

          C. survey

          D. discussion

          9. A. less

          B. fewer

          C. a few

          D. Least

          Workplace Health Tips

          When you hear the words “workplace health”, what do you think of? Your associations with this phrase are most likely negative: stress, eyestrain, muscle soreness, etc. in fact, over eighty percent of workers complain of some type of health problem related to their job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some simple tips on how to alleviate a few of the most common workplace ailments.


          You’ve susceptible to stress no matter what you job is. It’s one of the toughest conditions to beat, and it’s also one of the most serious. The best thing you can do if you experience frequent or severe stress is talk to your supervisor. There may be ways to rearrange your schedule or adjust your responsibilities so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed. During the milder onset of stress, take repeated deep breaths, which will help you to calm down and confront the situation.


          In addition to causing damage to the eyes, spending too much time in front of the computer can lead to headaches, muscle soreness, and general irritability. To minimize these problems, remember to take regular breaks from your computer. Experts recommend looking away from the screen for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Also, ensure that your computer screen is clean and well positioned.

          General Discomfort:

          For those of us with office jobs, we spend most of our day sitting down. Remember to stand up, walk around, or take a short break so often to keep your muscles from becoming too tight.

          From: Alberto Martinez

          To: Dawn Bojanic

          Subject: Tips for improving workplace health

          I just read a great article in Living Today Magazine on tips for improving workplace health. I think we should distribute it to the other managers and have them pass it along to their team members.

          The information concerning computer monitors was particularly interesting. I often experience eyestrain and headaches, and the tips in the article seem like they could really help.

          I have a copy of the article if you need one. Why don’t you look it over and let me know what you think?


          1. What is the main topic of the article?

          A. The results of the a survey on workplace health

          B. Ways to relieve health problems at work

          C. The health risks associated with stress

          D. Technologies that improve workplace health

          2. According to the article, what is the cause of general on-the-job discomfort?

          A. A lack of movement

          B. Poor monitor position

          C. A busy schedule

          D. Working overtime

          3. Which activity does the article NOT recommend?

          A. Replacing old office equipment

          B. Walking around during breaks

          C. Dusting off computer monitors

          D. Readjusting a busy schedule

          4. Why did Mr. Martinez contact Ms. Bojanic?

          A. To seek advice on a health problem

          B. To order a subscription to a magazine

          C. To ask for feedback on a proposal

          D. To request a new computer monitor

          5. What does Mr. Martinez say about himself?

          A. He is applying for a managerial position

          B. He might benefit from the article’s advice

          C. He suffers from the symptoms of stress

          D. He recently had an article published.

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