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          重慶 國企招聘


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          2019-06-13 14:38:49| 重慶中公教育

          編輯推薦 重慶國企招聘考試群:709303315



          Passage 1

          Questions 1—3 refer to the following e-mail.

          From: Wayne Thomas [wayne@e-solutions.com]

          To : terry.giblert@monavale.com

          Cc : Karen Russell [Karen.russell@e-solutions.com]

          Sent: Tue, March 07, 2007 14:11 PM


          I believe you should by now have received the copy of our company profile that we ---1--- in our last meeting. In it you will find the necessary information you requested. If you still haven’t received it, please feel free to contact me.

          Anyway, to keep the ball rolling, our Chairman, Mr. Langley would like to have a meeting with Ms. Russell and/or you in Detroit on any date from March 20th to March 24th to have a further discussion on the ---2--- of our cooperation.

          Those dates have been chosen since Mr. Langley will be travelling extensively in ---3--- March and April. However, if our suggested dates do not suits Ms. Rusell, then please let us know your preferred date for the meeting.

          Best regards,


          1. A. are discussing

          B. had discussed

          C. were in discussion

          D. will be discussing

          2. A. most feasible

          B. feasibly

          C. feasibility

          D. more feasible

          3. A. neither

          B. either

          C. each

          D. both


          1.【答案】B。解析:That we _in our last meeting修飾前面的the copy of our company profile,而且在上次會議中已經討論過的做符合句意,故答案為B。

          2.【答案】C。解析:橫線前有定冠詞the, 再加上介詞短語of our cooperation在后面起修飾作用,故答案為C。

          3.【答案】D。解析:從March和April可以看出,應該是both A and B的結構,故答案為D。




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